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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Why to Invest in Indian Stock Market ?

Investment in Equity Market is going to be Best Saving choice for India’s Future.

If you want to be ahead of others and secure your future for a comfortable life, you have to be part of economic growth. So, only we can witness even the most conservative Fund like PPF also started to invest 5% to their fund in Equity market and the same is going to increase.

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So, we also advice all individual depend on your risk, you must keep investing 10% to 30% of your saving in good equity Stock. 

Some Common Mistakes done by Investors :

  • Lack of Knowledge :

Lack of necessary knowledge required to choose the right Stocks to Invest.
  • Lack of Patience :

With a view to gain short term returns , Investors lose patience and sell Stock before they have delivered substantial returns.
  • Emotion :

Being emotionally attached to wrong Stocks they do not switch to better Stocks.
  • Risk Management :

They are unable to correct risk vs return strategy which can lead to substantial Losses for the investors.

We at Angel are Committed to guide you to invest Wisely by regular update on Stock Buy/Hold/Sell recommendations.


With the time and advancement of technology if someone not changed, they are suppose to get out of the survival world. Same think is applicable for your Investment decision also. In India people generally prefer to stick to low risk investment like Gold, Property, FD or maximum Mutual Funds.

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You may think it’s risky, but not taking that risk also is much more risky for your future, when you will be failed to match your same life style and will be forced to come under stress and run from pillar to post. Opportunity does not come as per your choice, it’s your choice you want to grab the opportunity or sit at side line to watch the game.

So, just like you have bank account, time to Open a Demat Account too today with Angel Broker- SFNH and start investing in Stock in SIP (Systemic Investment Plan).

Beaten Up Stock: 

We follow a bottom-up approach to stock picking. We aim to pick the best Organizations regardless of the sector. And once we are confident about a Organization's prospects, we fully back their decision, investing heavily into that Organization. That's why typically the top 5 to 10 Organizations in our customers portfolio account for a substantial portion of the fund's of their total assets'. However, we do keep a close watch on sector exposure in diversified funds and individual stock exposure in sector funds to ensure that the exposure does not tilt too much towards one sector or stock.

Trust on Fundamental: 

We are fundamental investors. We rely on in-house research as the basis for our investment decision-making. Our research is not restricted to looking at the financial numbers - it goes much beyond the published reports. Our managers and research analysts meet as many people in a company as possible to get a much better overall perspective and to discover the not-so-obvious pieces and trends that can turn into big opportunities over time.

  Identify Quality Stock: 

We focus on 'quality'. Companies where we have the slightest doubts on management or the quality of their financials and business models are ignored. Our focus on quality and an aversion to excessively speculative companies may result in giving up short-term gains as happens when markets overheat, but this strategy gives our funds superior performance over market cycles.

Invest for Long Term: 

We are patient investors and do not get perturbed by market volatility. Once we have identified 'value' in a stock and invested, we stick to it as long as there are no fundamental ‘negative’ changes even if the particular stock goes out-of-favor in the market. In fact, we use volatility as an opportunity to buy more as we believe that sooner or later, the market will recognize the inherent value and the stock will bounce back.

Understand Trend: 

We believe spotting changes and trends at the earliest to be rewarding. So we try to understand not just how companies and industries are today but also how they will be tomorrow.


P.S. Investment in Equity is subject to market Risk and changes in market economic condition, review your investment and portfolio after Quarterly results.

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Angel Broker- SFNH  Get Lifetime Free* Demat Account.  Low Brokerage Rate. Expert Advice!

Get Lifetime Free* Demat Account.  Low Brokerage Rate. Expert Advice!

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