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Friday, 6 November 2015

1% Extra Interest rate than Bank FD (Fixed Deposit) offer by Angel Broker SFNH

If you invest in any AAA corporate Bond FD (Fixed Deposit) via your DematAccount than with Bank, you can easily get about 1%-1.5% higher Interest rates extra than offered by banks on deposits with similar holding periods.

Get Lifetime Free* Demat Account.  Low Brokerage Rate. Expert Advice!

Angel Broker- SFNH, offer you SBI interest rate +1% for your FD for any particular holding periods. If you do not have Demat Account contact us for open the same at free of cost or Deposit with us and get maturity amount on time.

Example: Suppose you Invest Rs. 1,00,000/- as FD in SBI for one year period.

Present Interest rate in SBI FD for 1 year holding period is 7%.

So, after one year you get Rs.1,00, 700/-

But if you had been invested the same in any Corporate bond via your DematAccount you should have get at least Rs.1,00, 800/-

Traditionally, people with on believe a low risk appetite go for fixed deposits (FDs) as they think their money are in safe hand as maximum Bank credit rating AAA or AA+.

However, with many mutual funds and corporate Bonds , having the same credit rating like Bank ( AAA or AA+)  providing an option to invest in debt funds which generate fixed income and assure better returns, investors nowadays have more choices to consider.

A stable Bank like SBI have credit rating AAA which gives you confidence to invest in bank , but in the same credit rating any Corporate bond gives you minimum 1% extra Interest rate .

As the interest rate increase or decrease your Yield rate also gets automatically adjusted by increase or decrease in Bond value. So, your investment and monthly income get unaffected due to increase or decrease in Bank FD interest rate.

Some Common Mistakes done by Investors :

  • Lack of Knowledge :

Lack of necessary knowledge required to choose the right Stocks to Invest.
  • Lack of Patience :

With a view to gain short term returns , Investors lose patience and sell Stock before they have delivered substantial returns.
  • Emotion :

Being emotionally attached to wrong Stocks they do not switch to better Stocks.
  • Risk Management :

They are unable to correct risk vs return strategy which can lead to substantial Losses for the investors.

We at Angel are Committed to guide you to invest Wisely by regular update on Stock Buy/Hold/Sell recommendations.

Call us at: +91-9830579236 or Email:
  • NSE Registration No: AP0397122371 BSE: AP0106120149058

Office at Kolkata:

26/5B, BallyGunge Circuller Road,Udayan Park Building, Kolkata, India 7000019

Office at Noida :

Sector -3 , Noida , UP – 201301 ( Near Noida Metro station 16).

Angel Broker- SFNH  Get Lifetime Free* Demat Account.  Low Brokerage Rate. Expert Advice!

Tenure PeriodRate of Interest (% p.a.) w.e.f September 23, 2015
General Senior Citizen*
7 days to 14 days 4.00 4.50
15 days to 29 days 4.25 4.75
30 days to 45 days 5.50 6.00
46 days to 60 days 6.50 7.00
61 days to 90 days 6.75 7.25
91 days to 184 days 7.00 7.50
185 days to 289 days 7.25 7.75
290 days to less than 1 year 7.50 8.00
1 year to 389 days 7.75 8.25
390 days 7.90 8.40
391 days upto 2 years 7.90 8.40
2 years 1 day upto 3 years 7.75 8.25
3 years 1 day upto 5 years 7.75 8.25
5 years 1 day upto 10 years 7.50 8.00
5 Years Tax Saver FD Max upto Rs.1.50 lac# 7.75 8.25

  • As interest rates are subject to change without prior notice, depositor shall ascertain the rates on the value date of FD.

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