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Monday, 2 November 2015

Top 10 Stocks for SIP Investment Recommendation by Angel Broker - SFNH

About Equity SIP

The road to building an impressive stock portfolio just got easier for everyone if you have an active Demat Account

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Angel Broker- SFNH brings to you 10 Equity SIP portfolios (Systematic Share Purchase Scheme), specifically catering to the growing demand for alternate ways to invest in equities.

Some Common Mistakes done by Investors :

  • Lack of Knowledge :

Lack of necessary knowledge required to choose the right Stocks to Invest.
  • Lack of Patience :

With a view to gain short term returns , Investors lose patience and sell Stock before they have delivered substantial returns.
  • Emotion :

Being emotionally attached to wrong Stocks they do not switch to better Stocks.
  • Risk Management :

They are unable to correct risk vs return strategy which can lead to substantial Losses for the investors.

We at Angel are Committed to guide you to invest Wisely by regular update on Stock Buy/Hold/Sell recommendations.


Very simply, Equity SIPs allow you to systematically purchase certain shares, either weekly or monthly, via periodic payments. This is ideal, in particular, for salaried investors who aim to build a long term portfolio in stocks but prefer not to invest a lump sum. The advantages of this method are plain for all to see.

Advantage of Equity SIP
  • You only need to make a onetime entry. The rest of the triggering will be made automatically.
  • Increased Buying Power from exposure against holdings. You need to fund the account only after the execution of trades. This facility is available against all scrip’s of NSE and BSE.
  • It’s flexible. You have the freedom of Entry/Exit. No lock in, reshuffle portfolio at your convenience.
  • No additional charges & no Entry/Exit load.
  • Real Time gain/loss of portfolio.
  • Confirmation of executed trades through SMS and E-mail.
  • Exclusive Equity SIP portfolios to suit different category of clients.

Recommended TOP 10 Stocks for SIP (Systematic Share Purchase Scheme) Investment- Dated : 01/11/2015.

1.      ICICI Bank
2.      Axis Bank
3.      HCL
4.      TCS
5.      Lupin
6.      Alembic Pharma
7.      Bata
8.      Tata Motors
9.      Sintex
10.  Dabar

P.S. Investment in Equity are subject to market Risk and change in market economic condition, review your investment and portfolio after Quarterly results.

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Angel Broker- SFNH  Get Lifetime Free* Demat Account.  Low Brokerage Rate. Expert Advice!

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