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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Free Corporate Employee Training by Angel Broker – SFNH

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Angel Broker- SFNH offers various investment products to help you in your investment journey. But due to lack of knowledge, your employee unable to maximize their return of individual as well as corporate Investment.

Get Lifetime Free* Demat Account.  Low Brokerage Rate. Expert Advice!
In our endeavour to enhance your experience of using our customized service, we are happy to inform you that we have recently revamped and launched our new Training Module  “ Be A Smart Investor “.

Inadequate Financial returns lead to maximum stress, Productivity of your employee, increase the retention cost of employee. So train your employee today by taking advantage of FREE Training season offered by Angel Broker- SFNH at your own premises and empower them to be a “Smart Investor “ and take control of their self financial portfolio  .

All the information has been structured to make every individual to Plan their Investment need depend on their Goal and maximize returns for their rainy days.  

Investment in Equity Market is Best Saving for India’s Future.

If you want to be ahead of others and secure your future for a comfortable life, you have to be part of economic growth. So, only we can witness even the most conservative Fund like PPF also started to invest 5% to their fund in Equity market and the same is going to increase.

With the time and advancement of technology if someone not changed, they are suppose to get out of the survival world. Same think is applicable for your Investment decision also. In India people generally prefer to stick to low risk investment like Gold, Property, FD or maximum Mutual Funds.

So, we also advice all individual depend on your risk, you must keep investing 10% to 30% of your saving in good equity Stock. 

We look forward to meet you for details discussion and Plan the activity preferably any Friday or Saturday from 2Pm to 4Pm.

Some Common Mistakes done by Investors :

  • Lack of Knowledge :

Lack of necessary knowledge required to choose the right Stocks to Invest.
  • Lack of Patience :

With a view to gain short term returns , Investors lose patience and sell Stock before they have delivered substantial returns.
  • Emotion :

Being emotionally attached to wrong Stocks they do not switch to better Stocks.
  • Risk Management :

They are unable to correct risk vs return strategy which can lead to substantial Losses for the investors.

We at Angel are Committed to guide you to invest Wisely by regular update on Stock Buy/Hold/Sell recommendations.

Call us at: +91-9830579236 or Email:
  • NSE Registration No: AP0397122371 BSE: AP0106120149058

Office at Kolkata:

26/5B, BallyGunge Circuller Road,Udayan Park Building, Kolkata, India 7000019

Office at Noida :

Sector -3 , Noida , UP – 201301 ( Near Noida Metro station 16).

Angel Broker- SFNH  Get Lifetime Free* Demat Account.  Low Brokerage Rate. Expert Advice!


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